Thursday, May 10, 2007

You spilled your political correctness in my joke!

In an effort to come closer to making a decision on whether or not to continue playing FFXI, I'm reposting some old entries from my LiveJournal that I really enjoyed:

So after an eternity killing Orcs in the Ghelsba outpost with my boyfriend, I finally got all three of the keys you need to get an airship pass to Kazham and caught my first party. I'm so freaking glad I was able to get that done because my first time there I went up two levels and am now a 26WHM/12BLM. (The game plan is to ride WHM all the way to 30 and then go back to Selbina and take BLM to 20 so that I can put off going back to those freaking dunes as long as possible.) Anyway, the party I was with and I were discussing crafting and the relative merits of each one in terms of how much it costs to gain levels and which crafts are the most useful. I mentioned that all the clubs and staves I make with Jeynabie get sent to my new Bastok mule character Lynabeh (see the naming trend?) and I can make anywhere from 800 to 1K gil a pop. And then I said, "It's like the triangle trade, except without the rum!" Which predictably received a few "lols" and a "But why is the rum gone?" response.

However, what I had initially wanted to say was, "It's like the triangle trade, without the slavery!" And I fully admit that it wasn't the most sensitive thing to say (which is why I didn't say it) and I also recognize that worrying about being sensitive in an MMORPG is kinda silly because most of the people playing are young teenagers and college kids and they let profanity fly and they also hit on me (sometimes) and they're made of sterner stuff, yeah? That's the confusing thing about trying to make people laugh: You never know if and when you're going to piss someone off.

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